Warmly welcome Mr. Jin Haiteng, President of Rongzhi Road, to visit and guide

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In the end, Li Dong once again welcomed the arrival of King Jin’s party. The enthusiastic applause brought the forum to a successful conclusion.


On the afternoon of January 7, Mr. Jin Haiteng, President of Rongzhi Road, visited our group to visit and exchange. Li Dong, the group company, expressed his warm welcome to his party.

During the inspection, Kim and his party first visited the headquarters of the group in New North, followed by a discussion between the two parties.

At the forum, Li Dong first gave a welcome speech to President Jin and his delegation: He went to the countryside to go through the countryside, from the political affairs to the business, from the production team leader to the commercial director to the president of Guangfa Bank Hangzhou Branch, etc. President, Kim's life experience makes us really unforgettable, if there is no noble values, outlook on life can not achieve the above achievements. What is even more admirable is that Jin Zengru was nearly seventy years old this year, but he is still fighting fiercely on the battlefield. It is undoubtedly our role model. “Forget the beginning of my heart” and “Life is 70 years is the elder son, and the Great Wall is only the beginning” is gold. The total true portrayal!

Afterwards, Li Dong briefed Kim and his party on the “Overview of Group Planning”, and detailedly introduced the company’s corporate culture, business development history, and future development plans. Mr. Jin fully affirmed the "Group Plan Briefing," particularly his high level of corporate culture. Jin always thinks: Zhiheng Da can achieve such a result in the steel trade enterprises is a legend, so much attention to corporate culture is enough to explain everything. Corporate culture is the soul of a company. It is the rules of the game (common values) that everyone needs to abide by. Only if everyone has the same goals and rules, they can work together, overcome difficulties, and move forward.

Then where are the two sides on the final direction of the steel trade? How to achieve the sustainable development of Zhihengda? How to comprehensively enhance Zhihengda's brand and core competitiveness, and realize the company's leapfrogging to the platform and so on. In the discussion of China Gold General, he pointed out that credit is a respect for social order and that enterprises must adhere to the concept of “openness, equality, cooperation, and sharing” in the process of development. Credit, commitment, and approval will be recognized by our customers and partners. stand by. He also stressed: "People are doing, the days are watching, and the cloud is counting," and e-commerce must be the future development trend. How to make use of big data to pinpoint customers and improve the credibility of cooperation between enterprises and other financial institutions is an enterprise Live the opportunity, the key to flourishing development.

In the end, Li Dong once again welcomed the arrival of King Jin’s party. The enthusiastic applause brought the forum to a successful conclusion. In the future, the Group will continue to carry out deep-level exchange talks with Rongzhidao to realize win-win cooperation and create brilliant future together!