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Business advantage

1. Practice the model of corporate culture

2. The company's performance has grown steadily, and the business of each section has flourished.

3, comfortable and beautiful working environment

4. Have a sound salary and welfare system

5. Scientific training system and promotion mechanism


Development potential

Under the new era, the Group adheres to the concept of innovation, openness and sharing, and carries out the transformation and upgrading of heavy plasticity. The main business is:
I. Jiangsu Zhihengda Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd.
2. Jiangsu Shengsheng Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd.
3.  the industry joint center
4. processing and manufacturing center

Comfortable office environment

The Group is headquartered in Changzhou Creative Industry Base. The warehouse processing and processing base is located in Changzhou Donggang Port Area. We not only have a comfortable and beautiful, clean and bright office environment, but also pay attention to the growth and development of each employee, providing a broad space for promotion for every employee. And development platform.


Technological office building


Comfortable and beautiful office


Relaxing pantry


Hard working partner

What are the salary and benefits of Zhihengda employees?

Salary system: basic salary, performance salary, working age salary.
Incentive system: excellent employee award, quarterly star award, year-end award, equity incentive.
Welfare system: five insurance and one gold, rent subsidies, transportation subsidies, communication subsidies, paid annual leave, recreational activities, holiday benefits, etc.
Training system: on-the-job training, professional training; teaching plan, three-year regular tracking; diversified promotion channels.