The Group organized the "2018 Annual Center Business Development Plan" report, Huitong Conference

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On December 7th, 2017, the Group held a report on the "2018 Annual Center Business Development Plan" and the Huitong Conference in Xinbei.

On December 7th, 2017, the Group held a report on the "2018 Annual Center Business Development Plan" and the Huitong Conference in Xinbei. Leaders of the group, heads of companies, centers, and departments attended the meeting.

First of all, Li Dong, the group company, made a sharing of the themes of “One heart, one heart, one heart, one heart, one dream” in order to strengthen the highly collaborative and joint operational capabilities of the four companies and four centers to ensure a successful transition and upgrade.

During his sharing, Li Dong emphasized that the business strategy of “entering corporate culture” and “strengthening quality, keeping stability, and making progress” is an important guiding ideology for the “2018 Annual Center Business Development Plan”; he then explained in detail for everyone. "Quality, Stability, Progression" The relationship between strategy, values ​​and values, and the four core conditions for successful business operations.

During the sharing, Li Dong emphasized that: After one and a half years of hard exploration and study, the investment management company's current business combination has been steadily developing, and it has taken an important step in achieving the vision of “bigger and stronger financial and physical entities”. step. The current business combination is a joint combat model. The smooth development of the joint venture requires close contact and communication with the various companies, centers, and departments of the group. It needs seamless links between each other.

At the same time, Li Dong solemnly declared on behalf of the group: Zhi Hengda's election personnel use morality as the first and Ali as the important reference and reference. The Ministry of Human Resources must come up with a system that can be carried, quantified, evaluated, and tapped in depth in mid-December. Through the full set of assessment system, Zhihengda must give correct values, professional and potential employees to learn the exercise opportunities, room for promotion. Each company, each center, and each department selects employees who have a correct value concept and are brave enough to act as cultural specialists. They work with the executive capital center and leaders of all levels to implement the “Value Appraisal System” so that the corporate culture can actually reach the ground, appraising and selecting people. Employ people: fair, just, open, and meritocracy.

After the end of the sharing, Mr. Li, the investment management company, reported on the “2018 Current Center Operation and Development Plan”. In the report, Mr. Li first elaborated on the major aspects of the organizational structure, trade model, scale indicators, efficiency indicators, team building, funding channels, assessment incentives, and collaborative linkages of the 2018 current center. At the same time, he also earnestly hopes that various departments such as the spot center, procurement center, product resource center, etc., can cooperate with the current high center in the future, and do a good job combining the current business.

At the end of the meeting, Li Dong emphasized that the responsible comrades of companies, centers, and departments thoroughly comprehend and accurately grasp the spirit of the conference, and thoroughly implemented the spirit of the conference to their teams so that each employee can understand the understanding deeply; at the same time, the spirit of the meeting falls. Really do a good job in their respective business development plans in 2018.

Zhihengda is a warm family that provides employment opportunities for grass-roots employees. It is a university hall for the promotion of talents of Suntech, and then provides a big stage for displaying talents. We hope that all employees of the company will be able to “conscientiously Gathering together and making a dream come together."